What's happening with the education systems in Canada? 📖

what we're planning to do about it

What is Going on with Digitized Education in Canada?

A recent article I came across caught my attention. This article by Microsoft Canada highlighted specific issues educators face in Canada. With the rapid adoption of digital tools in classrooms, a significant gap has emerged: while 82% of teachers have seen an increase in digital tools since the pandemic, only 35% feel equipped with the best tools to enhance their teaching effectively.

This discrepancy points to a crucial need for platforms that introduce digital innovation into learning environments and support educators in harnessing these tools to their full potential. We want to step into this space with a clear vision and a commitment to empowering educators and engaging students in new, meaningful ways.

Our platform is not just about flashcards; it's about creating a holistic learning experience that resonates with today's digital focus. Here's how Lumos addresses the critical findings from the Microsoft survey:

  • Equipping Educators: Beyond merely offering digital tools, Lumos provides comprehensive training for educators to utilize these resources effectively, ensuring that the transition to digital is smooth and productive.

  • Engaging Every Learner: With only half of the teachers feeling that current methods engage students effectively, Lumos introduces interactive, AI-generated content that caters to diverse learning styles, making education accessible and enjoyable.

  • Inclusivity and Well-being at the Core: Recognizing the importance of mental and emotional well-being, Lumos offers content that supports inclusion and accessibility, ensuring every student feels valued and understood.

  • A Step Towards a Digital Future: As we pivot towards serving the B2B sector, focusing on AI-generated content for educators and significantly aiding children with learning disabilities, Lumos is committed to preparing students for a digital future armed with the necessary skills and knowledge. Remember, we’re trying to position AI as less intimidating and more creative to guide learning.

What’s Next?

We want to focus on new insights with our web platform that serves educators and students more effectively. This platform will host a range of features, from AI-generated content to tools designed for seamless time management and productivity, directly responding to educators' needs, as highlighted in the survey.

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p.s. We also launched a fun update for parents and children on iOS!